Fill Your Frame


While empty spaces can be used effectively in photos to create stunning results, you’re much more likely to get a ‘wow’ from those looking at your photos if your shots are filled with interest.

This technique is particularly important when taking pictures of people whose facial features tend to disappear when you move away from them. While it can be appropriate to take shots that put a person in context with the environment that they are in, if they get lost in the picture you might as well just take a shot of the scene and leave them out of it.
Still Life
Having said that filling your frame is important when photographing people, it’s also a very effective technique when photographing ‘things’ or scenes.

 So how do you fill your frame?

You basicly have three options:
  1. Use your Optical Zoom– most point and shoot digital cameras these days come with a zoom lens and all DSLRs are able to be fitted with one.
  2. Use your Legs – most photographers have a built in zoom in the form of their legs. Don’t just rely upon your cameras zoom but actually position yourself for close in shots.
  3. Crop your Shots – the other option is to zoom in manually at home after you’ve taken your shots. This is a handy option to have but, because cropping shots later means if you want a large image that you’ll find that it becomes more pixelated. This is a good option if you’re just trimming shots but any major cropping will result in a loss of quality of your image.
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